Sunday Hunting Prohibited - Possession of hunting implements on Sunday in the open is prima facie evidence of violation. Sunday hunting is allowed on licensed private shooting preserves when the operator has permission from the town.

Connecticut HB 5127 would authorize Sunday hunting on private property and Connecticut HB 5128 would permit Sunday bow hunting on private lands, and Connecticut HB 5158 would also authorize bow and arrow hunting on Sunday under certain circumstances. Connecticut HB 5372 would authorize municipalities to allow Sunday hunting on private lands within their boundaries while Connecticut HB 5129 would repeal the state Sunday hunting ban.

In the News

Sunday Deer Hunting Bill Clears House

Economic Impact of Eliminating Sunday Hunting Bans

DIRECT 342 $7,289,687 $16,373,843
INDIRECT 49 $2,494,540 $8,064,416
INDUCED 105 $4,434,293 $13,807,607
TOTAL 496 $14,218,519 $38,245,866


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