No hunting on Sunday, except: 1. a person using state certified raptors to hunt game birds or mammals during open season, 2. an unarmed person participating in an organized fox chase and 3. persons hunting on regulated shooting areas may shoot captive raised game birds. Deer hunting is allowed in some counties on public and private land on certain dates, and limited turkey hunting in two counties. Sunday hunting of game mammals and game birds, except for migratory game birds and wetland game birds, allowed in three counties on private land or designated public land. (Note: Current Maryland law prohibits DNR from amending Sunday hunting restrictions through the regulatory process without prior approval from the Maryland Legislature.)

In the News

Bill Would Allow Sunday Hunting

Hearing on bill that would allow Sunday hunting in Baltimore County

Md. sportsmen rallying in support of more Sunday hunting

Public comment sought on expanded Sunday hunting

Gov. O'Malley signs western Md. Sunday hunting bills

Maryland Ornithological Society asks O'Malley to veto Sunday hunting legislation

As blue law fades, Sunday hunting moves forward

Economic Impact of Eliminating Sunday Hunting Bans

DIRECT 1,164 $26,360,267 $66,559,956
INDIRECT 258 $10,795,952 $34,440,408
INDUCED 595 $21,976,374 $69,433,466
TOTAL 2,017 $59,132,593 $170,433,829


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