New Jersey

N.J. Rev. Stat. 23:3-32 and 23:4-24 — No person may hunt with firearms or any other weapon or carry a gun in the woods or fields or on the waters on Sunday except:

1. any person hunting raccoon between midnight on Saturday and sunrise on Sunday during the prescribed season, 2. a person possessing a valid and proper rifle permit licensed to trap fur-bearing animals to humanely dispatch legally trapped animals, 3. a person using a bow and arrow to hunt deer during any bow and arrow hunting season for deer prescribed by the State Fish and Game Code, provided the person possesses a valid bow and arrow license, or a valid "All Around Sportsman License" if applicable, issued by the division, abides by all applicable provisions of the code, and is hunting on a State wildlife management area or on private property and 4.any person authorized to shoot pheasants, quail, and partridge under 23:3-28 to 23:3-39.

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Economic Impact of Eliminating Sunday Hunting Bans

DIRECT 561 $17,184,578 $41,138,452
INDIRECT 142 $7,927,384 $25,771,562
INDUCED 288 $12,577,664 $40,620,613
TOTAL 991 $37,689,626 $107,530,627


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