North Carolina

In 2015, lawmakers approved a measure to lift the ban on hunting on private property where the owner has given permission for hunting. Among other provisions, the restriction will remain in place from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and hunting cannot take place within 500 years of a place of worship or house not on the permitted property. The two counties with the highest populations, Wake and Mecklenburg are exempt and other counties may opt out in 2017 by approving a local ordinance.

In the News

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Sunday hunting in NC up for debate in General Assembly

Bill in N.C. House would have wide-ranging effects on hunting in state

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Time for Sunday Hunting

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Time for Sunday hunting

Economic Impact of Eliminating Sunday Hunting Bans

DIRECT 2,173 $41,299,598 $121,057,430
INDIRECT 547 $24,156,702 $88,715,232
INDUCED 879 $28,888,999 $101,418,333
TOTAL 3,599 $94,345,299 $311,190,995


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